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The ETI Cleaning & Gas-Freeing Solution contains a strong buffer agent that meets the requirements for the protection of austenitic stainless steel during stoppage.

Competitive products contain amines. Amines are a poorly buffering substance in the case of neutralization of polythionic acids (H2SxO6). Our buffer solution is safe for all types of steel.

The ETI Cleaning & Gas-Freeing Solution solution leaves equipment without benzene, pyrosulfide and 100% non hazardous (ZERO for LEL, VOC, H2S).

ETI-927 EcoSolvent significantly improves the removal of gudron, asphaltenes, coke deposits, and heavy and aromatic hydrocarbons.

The ETI Cleaning & Gas-Freeing Solution was created with particular emphasis not to create a solid emulsion.

Surfactants contained in the ETI Cleaning & Gas-Freeing Solution behave as a demulsifier at the time of a long lack of circulation (eg in a discharge tank).

ETI Cleaning and Gas-Freeing Solution may contain a chelating agent to remove corrosion deposits at slightly alkaline pH. With ETI-911 Oxidant, the ETI Cleaning and Gas-Freeing Solution will also remove the iron sulphide while maintaining a neutral pH without forming hydrogen sulfide!!

ETI-927 EcoSolvent is non-toxic, non- hazardous and non-flammable. ETI-927 EcoSolvent aqueous solutions are completely non-flammable.