We have developed the safest and most efficient process available for most of the units, starting from first distillations, up to the heavy ends, based upon a wide variety of applications (liquid-phase, vapor-phase or combination-phase) and for one step HF / H2SO4 alkylation unit neutralization and cleaning.

Our competitors, use chemical cleaning processes consist of a three-phase procedure using several steps to remove individual deposits, for example acids for descaling, additional rinsing for neutralization and then rinsing with surfactants to remove the polymer.

Our cleaning process includes a one-phase neutralization and cleaning step. This can be achieved in most cases within 48 hours or less. All chemicals involved are completely non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

After completing this one-phase cleaning process, equipment  is ready for maintenance works, including ready to open and perform hot-work operation, without additional security measures and additional time wasting. The use of our cleaning shortens the subsequent maintenance process by eliminating deposits and hazards.

The EnvTech process is built on a foundation of knowledge, skills and chemicals that collectively bring every project to a successful completion.

Examples of equipment with and without cleaning

Main advantages of our technology:

  • A quick and SAFE process of plant neutralization through the use of strong buffer substances
  • Saves time needed to open devices and costs associated with it by removing and neutralizing sediments and polymers
  • Save time needed for cleaning and related costs by combining the cleaning process with the neutralization process
  • Products safe for the environment and health
  • Products that does not cause corrosion