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Cleaning with the Inhibitor ETI 916

We perform acidification services on the basis of the ETI-916 UNIVERSAL INHIBITOR. This inhibitor has a wide range of applications. Protects metals (including carbon steel and aluminum) against corrosion during the cleaning process with nitric acid.

It can be used with organic and inorganic acids. It protects metals (carbon steel, Al., Cu, etc.) against corrosion during the cleaning process.

ETI 916 reduces the corrosion rate to below 1mm / year.

ETI-916 UNIVERSAL INHIBITOR received all the necessary lab test results and approvals required for usage.

Cleaning with the Inhibitor ETI 916


Cleaning of plate exchangers

Chemical cleaning of the A-250 exchanger from SeCeS-Pol Sp. z o.o. Gdańsk with the use of ETI-916 etching digestion inhibitor.

A-250 hot water exchanger plates (97-plate exchanger) before chemical cleaning. The plates were contaminated mainly with calcium carbonate. The exchanger has maintained <10% flow.

Chemical cleaning of electric motors hull cooling system

Chemical cleaning of electric motors hull cooling system with the use of the ETI-916 Etching Inhibitor.
Engine block with blocked cooling system, mainly contaminated with iron oxides (mainly magnetite and hematite) as well as coal dust and backfilling materials. The basic agent used to ease the cooling systems is the ETI-916 inhibitor and appropriately selected chemical agents. Each body pickup is preceded by a test of the capacity of the cooling system and the size of the water flow. We carry out the cleaning service until the parameters comply with the device's documentation. After cleaning, the water cooling system is passivated to protect against corrosion.

Cleaning of tube exchangers

Chemical cleaning of heat exchangers for "Atlas CopCo".
The pictures below show the exchangers that are elements of the ZR300-425 Compressor. The exchangers worked for 4 years - the spaces between the pipes were completely "sealed" by the sludge. After the chemical cleaning, the exchanger regained 100% efficiency during 72 hours.

Cleaning graphite exchangers

Chemical cleaning of SGL CARBON GROUP type graphite heat exchangers, type RS and WT-RS, for KGHM PolskaMiedź SA.
The graphite heat exchanger was contaminated with deposits of heavy metals and their oxides. The cleaning time of the WT-RS exchanger suggested by the contractor of this device is about 120 hours. The actual dissolution time of the sludge can be shortened to 12 h. After the chemical cleaning is finished, the exchanger recovers 100% efficiency.