Universal Acid Inhibitor (ETI-916)

EnvTech’s novel corrosion inhibitor allows carbon steel and even brass or copper equipment to be cleaned with nitric acid solutions. The nitric acid cleaning is quick and effective at ambient temperature (requires no heating). Water-side cleanings (or final cleaning of process sides) using Universal Acid Inhibitor (ETI-916) in conjunction with nitric acid will leave even difficult equipment (graphite exchangers, for example) clean enough for the most rigorous inspection methods.

Protects metal surfaces completely while allowing nitric (or other) acid to aggressively dissolve corrosion products and other scale deposits. Is effective with any acid including HNO3 , HF,  HCl, H2SO4 , H3PO4 , Citric, Formic and even HNO3 / HF mixtures (while maintaining the permissible concentrations).