About us / Our facilities

Our services are executed with our own equipment necessary to quickly respond to customer needs.

We are able to prepare the necessary equipment and chemicals within a few days, transport it with our own land transport and present yourself at the most distant place in Europe.

We have high-efficiency centrifugal pumpswith a suction diameter of up to 200 mm (8 ") and discharge up to 150 mm (6") driven by a diesel engines with power between 160 HP to 300 HP, allowing to achieve a maximum flow volume between 550 and 750 m3/h (depends on the model) and reaching max. operating pressure of 8 Bar.

If necessary, we make intercontinental transport using our own sea container.

At the client's request, we also send the required equipment and chemistry by air transport to the farthest corners of the world.

We have our own tanks with capacities from 3 m3 to 70 m3 made of metal.